Strong Cercle Privé Membership Metzger – Butcher 2022


Metzger – Butcher Cercle Privé Membership. Work with us to grow your business within your local community.


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Cercle Privé Membership Butcher – Metzger

What we can offer you as a Butcher

Similarly, to art, trusted and well sourced food works to connect people. Butchers are a crucial pillar in every community and CFC Fine Art Trading Ltd. wants to help share recognition of that. 

Connecting local businesses is important to our organisation. In joining as a member, we offer opportunities for you to find new clients, sell your services and be a part of a like minded community. CFC Fine Art Trading Ltd., can connect and share your business, we work collaboratively. 

What can you expect from this membership?

Once a year, we organise a social event in your location, we bring together local partners to showcase the best of each business. 

At our expense and with every participating event member, we promote the event through a video across social media and other advertising platforms.  

Event Day Expectations

At the set local location, we will present local Artists and invite potential art purchasers/investors. This presentation will run from 11:00am and finish at 11:00pm with a closing ceremony. 

Throughout the day all local businesses and other traders are invited to present their food in different combinations. These will be organised and made available via a local location. For all this preparation and products, the CFC Group will pay the general standard fees for renting a restaurant and providing catering services. We cover all costs including products from the local community (with dishes selected according to the season). 

Value of the Membership

For further information or queries, do not hesitate to contact us.  


Wert einer Mitgliedschaft

Für weitere Informationen oder Rückfragen stehen Ihnen gerne unser CEO Thorsten Schuell via LinkedIn zur Seite.

Eine weietere Moeglichkeit der Mitgliedschaft ist als Privatperson, alle weitergehenden Informationen dazu hier klicken.

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