CFC Fine Art Trading Ltd., is the social arm of the CFC Family. Through a membership, we work to support local restaurants, artists, and other businesses with their marketing and publicity. As great admirers of art and its many forms, we have undergone special courses at CFC to help engage the community in sharing one another’s passions and creativity.

The combination of local farmers, butchers and restaurants connected via art might sound strange. But it is a way of bringing people together. It offers the opportunity for people to discuss art in the wonderful surroundings of restaurants which serve local food from farmers and butchers. These events are created with the mind to help local businesses thrive and connect. Our idea is to bring communities and individuals together.

Wie erreichen wir das für unsere Mitglieder?
Free of charge, we engage in self-marketing ideas and plan special social events to obtain publicity for your business. We work with the aim to create lasting relationships that benefit all contributors and businesses involved. Trade connects people and enables businesses to develop greater cultural diversity as well as celebrating individual freedom. At CFC Fine Art Trading Ltd., we connect and liaise with other local businesses to support you.

Sharing art and sponsoring the work of talented people is the main intention of our organisation. As a trader and collector of art, we also offer investment opportunities. You can join us as an Artist, Collector or Supporter in engaging with art through the contemporary internet age.

Wir verbinden traditionelle Einheimische mit der Moderne unserer Zukunft.

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